Stuart Thomson

As you might have noticed, these pages have been archived. The reason is that what I want out of this website has changed. I've changed, little by little as time goes on. The few posts that I wrote over the past 4-5 years aren't really the kinds of things I want to have featured front and centre.

I also understand that permanence is a strange thing on the internet. We all expect the things we use to stay forever, or at least long enough, but the reality is that dead links are a common occurrence. As much as I don't want these posts to be visible anymore, I also don't want to be a part of the problem.

So, as a compromise, I'm keeping my old content up for the foreseeable future, just on a different domain to distance it from new things. I hope that's good enough.

Speaking of internet archival, I've decided to donate to the Internet Archive so they can keep preserving our collective digital histories. While my action of shifting my old posts here is a pretty minor action, the work that they do, and make available for free, is invaluable. If you've read this, then I ask you to consider donating a little bit of your own time and/or money to helping the Archive.